ebike charity blog

14th January

Ebike Charity Ride

Here at Avaris E-bikes, not only are we passionate about providing our customers with high-quality electric bikes, but we also love to support worthy causes where possible. Most recently, we donated one of our e-bikes to a charity bike ride on behalf of a Cystic Fibrosis Charity.  The Big 4 for CF was a fundraising […]

Guide to ebikes

5th January

A Simple Guide to Ebikes

How Do E-Bikes Work? ebikes work via pedal assistance, which basically means the electric motor adds to your natural pedalling power making it easier to ride. Therefore, it is “as simple as riding a bike” as the old saying goes, however with some help when you need it from the motor.  The sensation when riding […]

Why employers should back the ebike

1st August

Why Employers Should Back the E-Bike

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, it’s likely that you know all about electric bikes and their benefits – and you may even be eyeing one up yourself. But are your employers on board? There are actually many reasons for employers to support the e-bike and to encourage their employees to take up cycling. You can […]

Tips for ebike commuters

23rd July

Top Tips for E-Bike Commuters

Purchasing an e-bike will prove to be an incredible investment of your money. Not only will you get a portable and free form of exercise, but you’ll get an eco-friendly mode of transport that’s yours to keep.  It’s for this reason that many choose to use their e-bike to commute to and from work. If […]

ebike vs road bike

15th July

Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes – what’s the difference

If you’re looking to purchase a new bike, you might find yourself struggling to decide whether a traditional push bike or an electric bike is the way to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur cyclist or a real bike enthusiast, both traditional bikes and e-bikes have their pros and cons.  However, unless you’ve […]

10th July

6 Ways To Make The Most of Your E-Bike

If you’ve invested in a high-quality e-bike like the Avaris Roadrunner, you’re going to want to know how to ensure that you can truly make the most of your new piece of equipment.  There are a number of habits that you can develop that will help you to enjoy your new electric bike in style […]

Why you should invest in an ebike

9th July

5 Reasons You Should Invest In An E-Bike

If you’re looking to purchase a bike, then there’s no doubt you’ll have heard of the new kid on the block in the cycling world – the electric bike. Electric bikes are climbing exponentially in popularity, and with ever-evolving technology and design, there’s always a new model to admire.  Should you invest in an e-bike? […]