Chronic Fatigue Sufferer Ebike

13th July

How A Chronic Fatigue Sufferer Claimed His Life Back With An Avaris Ebike

At Avaris, not only are we passionate about providing our loyal customers with high-quality Ebikes, but we also support worthy causes where possible. Before his diagnosis, Simon McFarling led an energetic lifestyle, being an avid cyclist and runner. However, his life was brought to a harsh stop when he caught Covid 19. After battling Covid, […]

Avaris Ebike full touch display

29th June

Why EBike Tuning is Illegal & Dangerous

Electric bikes make your journey easier, with multiple levels of electrical assistance helping to take some of the strain out of cycling. As you pedal, the ebike’s electric motor kicks in, providing you with additional speed and power. It means you’ll be cycling faster, while putting less effort in to your pedalling. It’s a great […]

Avaris Ebike motor

31st May

Ebike Parts: The Complete Guide

Whilst an electric bike has a very similar style and build to many standard road bikes, it does of course have multiple additional parts and functions that make them unique. An ebike works mostly the same as a normal bike, but provides you with a bit of extra power to make your journeys easier. As […]

Avaris Ebike Shimano gears

7th May

A Simple Guide to Road Bike Gears and Shifting Between Them

Many road bikes have a selection of gears, which are used to help make your journey easier, regardless of the environment you’re cycling in.  Electric road bikes go even further. As well as the usual selection of gears available to you on a standard bike, you also get to choose from a range of electrical […]

Avaris road ebike

4th May

What Makes the Best Road Ebike?

Ebikes are quickly becoming the next big thing when it comes to transport. While cycling can feel a bit daunting and exhausting for those who aren’t regulars, ebikes offer an easier way of getting out onto the road and enjoying some exercise as you get to where you need to go. Not only are they […]

Riding an Avaris Ebike

29th March

6 Ebike Tips Every Beginner Needs To Read

So, you’ve bought your first ebike – great choice! But with the concept still being relatively new in the cycling world, it can be a bit confusing or daunting if you’ve never ridden one before. Don’t worry though, it’s mostly like riding a normal bike, just with some added features including electrical assistance to help […]

Avaris Ebike long distance battery

26th February

Best Ebike Under £2,000? Why Avaris Ticks Every Box

The Ebike market is quickly growing – while Ebikes are still a relatively new addition to the cycling industry, the revolutionary technology means they’re rapidly becoming more commonplace on the roads, and for good reason too. Ebikes offer a different cycling experience that is perfect for cyclists no matter their level of experience – they […]

ebike charity blog

14th January

Ebike Cystic Fibrosis Charity Ride

Here at Avaris E-bikes, not only are we passionate about providing our customers with high-quality electric bikes, but we also love to support worthy causes where possible. Most recently, we donated one of our e-bikes to a charity bike ride on behalf of a Cystic Fibrosis Charity.  The Big 4 for CF was a fundraising […]

Guide to ebikes

5th January

A Simple Guide to Ebikes

How Do E-Bikes Work? ebikes work via pedal assistance, which basically means the electric motor adds to your natural pedalling power making it easier to ride. Therefore, it is “as simple as riding a bike” as the old saying goes, however with some help when you need it from the motor.  The sensation when riding […]

Why employers should back the ebike

1st August

Why Employers Should Back the E-Bike

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, it’s likely that you know all about electric bikes and their benefits – and you may even be eyeing one up yourself. But are your employers on board? There are actually many reasons for employers to support the e-bike and to encourage their employees to take up cycling. You can […]